Melissa Craig

Welcome to our site! I’m Melissa, and I hope you feel at home here. Jenn, Anita, and I have worked together to make this space where you can poke around over a cup of coffee and find quality content to support your business.

Starting in the corporate world, I quickly discovered I needed more time with my children, so I turned from the masters in teaching I was completing to homeschooling my kids. Throughout this journey, I created content for my students and others, taught online courses, and co-authored two books. Along the way, I worked for an independent publishing company where I served on the board and filled the role of Chief Content Officer—editing, writing, and designing content for books, social media, and the web.

I love reading, exploring Louisville, and returning my viola chops after a 30-year hiatus when not at my computer. Hanging out with my four children is always a joy, especially now that they’re all grown (or mostly grown). Y’all, if you haven’t experienced it yet, having adult kids you like is a huge treat and worth all the car-pooling, time-outs, and refereeing it takes to get here.

I’m glad you found your way to PLR for Influencers! We have fun here. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with friends like Jenn and Anita. Our business meetings include laughter, story-telling, kid-hijackings, and (sometimes) even makeup application. Our work means I get to continue doing what I love – content creation—for business owners like you.

Reach out and let us know if there’s anything else you’d like to see here! Our biggest goal is to meet your needs so you can do the things you do better.

Jenn Hamrick

Hey, hey! I am Jenn.

I dipped my toes in the entrepreneurial world in 1998, and I’ve been a momma since 1999. Over the years, I have bought, built, and sold various businesses—from restaurants to retail to an oil-change gig to an electronic repair facility. I like variety.

Like many of you, I started this online gig with a blog back in the day. Over the years, it evolved into Story Social Media™, and I have been working full-time online since 2006. This lifestyle has allowed me the blessing to homeschool my children, enjoy many travels, and care for my aging parent—all the things money can’t buy.

My background? It is business.
My brain? It’s technical.
Helping you grow your business is my jam.

Enter PLR for Influencers. I hope you find resources on this site to help ease your days and allow you to work for your business, not in your business.

In my spare time? You will find me hanging out with my (5) kids and wrangling their schedules, enjoying a night by the fire pit, or getting (kind of) loud during a football game. 🤷‍♀️(Go Gators!)

Anita Walker

Hello! My name is Anita, and I am so excited you’ve found us!

I, along with Jenn & Melissa, have created a space where we hope to give you the tools to build your business while balancing your personal life quickly. We sincerely hope that you’ll find a little more manageable life balance with the tools we provide.

I am a teacher by trade, turned homeschool mom & teacher, turned VA and social media manager, turned PLR creator. I found the online world; instead, it found me almost eight years ago when I was looking for a way to bring some extra money to my family. I began working as a VA and social media manager. I’ve always found writing and researching to be easy, and when I became a part of the online world, I could put those skills to use when I learned the new craft of figuring out all the ins and outs of SEO. Staying on top of SEO through my blog, working in online marketing, and simply staying on top of all of Google’s changes through the years has offered me the opportunity to learn plenty on the topic!

I am a wife and a mother of three great kids in Missouri. I love to hang out with family and friends when I’m not working on my computer and designing new products. You can often find young adults hanging around my house, usually sitting on the deck around the fire pit. Although we find our way to the fire pit all year round, fall is my favorite time because I watch a lot of college football. Go Tigers!

I’m glad you’re here! Come in, take a look around, and see what we have to offer. We have products that fit into various niches, and I’m sure you’ll find something you can use to make your life easier. If you don’t see what you want, ask! We’re always taking suggestions and adding new products to our store.